Take a tour!

Take a panoramic, emissions-free VR tour of our geothermal power plant in Flúðir, Iceland. Before […]
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Conversation with Graeme Edge of Energy Disruptors

The disruptions we need: a conversation with Graeme Edge of Energy Disruptors When we encountered […]
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Virtual Seminar #2 A giant success

Geothermal is trending. Find out why. The earth has power. Let’s switch it on. Virtual […]
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Why do you work at Baseload Capital?

We asked Marketing Manager, Kristina Hagström Ilievska, why she works at Baseload Capital. Are you […]
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What’s it like to work at Baseload Capital?

We asked our Investment Manager, Jesper Jolma, to describe an average day at his job. […]
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Virtual seminar #1 - The future of geothermal power.

The earth has power. Let's switch it on. A virtual seminar on the future of […]
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