Geothermal could be important baseload source of power in Taiwan


Geothermal could not only be an important renewable energy source for Taiwan, but also become an important source of reliable decentralized baseload power.

Power blackouts have hit various regions in the past, e.g. in California and Texas, but also in Taiwan in May 0f 2021.  On May 13, 2021, a national blackout saw multiple regions experience periodic power outages that lasted as long as 50 minutes at a time. Only 4 days later on May 17, 2021 another wave of blackouts swept over Taiwan. An article published on Taiwan Insight points to various problems and risk faced with Taiwan’s current electricity system and describes how geothermal energy could help mitigate many of these problems and risk and help Taiwan transition to 100% renewable energy.

As an island nation, the country is independent of neighbouring countries having to meet domestic demand locally. Coal remains the predominant source of electricity.  “In 2016, coal-fired power plants in Taiwan emitted an average of 0.916 kg-CO2e GHGs per kWh of electricity generated, totalling an annual GHG emissions factor of 76.09 Mt-CO2e. ”

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